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i design, hand cut and sew all the bags and accessories 

rosaries, rosary belts and jewelry are made in house

i welcome custom orders


it all started with an idea for a rosary belt for myself

after doing accounting for warner bros for 24 years i was feeling a little creative

i thought i'll make a rosary belt like the ones i saw on nuns when i was a child 

my uncle lived near a convent and when i would see the nuns i thought they were brides

to my mothers horror, i said "mommy look at the black brides"

obviously i wasn't raised catholic

after visiting a leather warehouse with a friend and buying a couple of pounds of scraps to play with i

started incorporating leather into my jewelry 

then i pulled out my home sewing machine and sewed some scraps together to make my first bag

i found what i always wanted to do i just didn't know i could do it